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Friday, November 4, 2011


Welcome to the ABOS Conference Blog where information (handouts, presentations, websites, etc.) from the conference are be posted.

Some important notes as of Tuesday, November 27, 2012.
  • All of the conference materials which were received have been posted on the new ABOS Website
  • The direct link for the 2012 presentations & handouts is
  • Materials from this blog will be migrated over to the ABOS website. This blog will be shut down in Spring 2013.
The Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS) is a member driven organization. Everything we do is a result of volunteers who roll up their sleeves and make it happen! ABOS members care about bookmobiles and outreach services. We serve diverse  communities throughout the world. Members share ideas, strategies, brainstorms, resources and support.

Each speaker generously shared his/her information, time, and expertise to bring us an excellent conference.  We are a great organization because of the collective wisdom of the people who contribute and share.

Please also note that the formatting for entries is not perfect due to hidden formatting surprises.

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The new ABOS Website is

Moderated Discussion: Early Literacy and School Services

Moderated Discussion: Early Literacy and School Services
Moderators: Rachel Gut and Marianne Thompson

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Moderated Discussion: Bookmobile Shelving

Bookmobile Shelving
Moderator: Don Thompson
President, Acore Shelving & Products, Inc.

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Webmaster's note:  Visit Acore's website for excellent information on shelving, 
measuring shelving and much more helpful information.

Moderated Discussion: How to Bid a Bookmobile

Moderated Discussion: How to Bid a Bookmobile
Moderator:  Terry Jones

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Ethical Considerations: Taking Library Services into Homes

Professional ethical concerns may touch Outreach Services Librarians more significantly than any other branch of library service.  Outreach librarians enter the homes and the lives of their patrons, and face a variety of issues not encountered by most library professionals.  Ethical concerns surround our work, and there are few official guidelines for our decision making.  This presentation will explore these ethical concerns, offer creative solutions, and suggest reasonable boundaries to better serve our clientele.

Diane Katz
Outreach Services Librarian, Campbell County Public Library



Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is How We Do It: A Comparative Study of the Bookmobile and Outreach

When the bookmobile drives away the library, it becomes a mobile extension of the library.  Although not confined within walls, we still check out material, answer questions and face obstacles.  Our frontline encounters vary from stop to stop as we bring books through the front door of our patrons.  See our diverse communities up close and personal and gain a better understanding of front-line outreach services.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moderated Discussion: Senior Programming

The most important part of senior programming is engaging the audience with respect. Focusing on as many senses as possible lets them participate on whatever level they have available. Have fun with it. We are all headed that way too.

Lee Ray, Bookmobile Librarian
Scott County Public Library, Georgetown, KY

Discussion Highlights Document:

Moderated Discussion: Home Service and Books by Mail

Books By Mail is more cost efficient than home delivery and the personal connection with the customer is not lost.  After an initial visit, phone calls are made to discuss every delivery.

Karen Wiedman, Outreach & Bookmobile Librarian
Rochester Hills Public Library, Rochester, MI

Discussion Documents:


Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Conference Sponsors

The 2011 Bookmobile Conference would not have been possible without the generous support of our conference sponsors.
OBS VehiclesPremium Bookmobile Conference Sponsor 
OBS Specialty Vehicles
Farber Specialty VehiclesLoyal Bookmobile Sponsor 
Sponsor of the conference name badges & lanyards

Farber Specialty Vehicles
Matthews Specialty Vehicles
Loyal Bookmobile Sponsor
Sponsor of the Cleveland Bookmobile Garage Tour & Evening Event

Matthews Specialty Vehicles
Acore Mobile Modular Shelving
Vendor Exhibitor
Sponsor of the John Philip Award

Acore Mobile Modular Shelving

A very sincere "Thank You" to our Conference Sponsors!

Library Time While Doing time: Reaching Out to At-Risk Teens

The Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center, a juvenile and shelter detention facility, serves teens ages 13-18 of Dauphin, Lancaster, and York Counties.  This overview of best practices and program ideas are designed to enhance outreach to local juvenile detention and shelter facilities.  This includes: best books for this population, fun games, craft ideas, program theme ideas, bringing in outside performers, choosing activities that build strong character and team-building skills, etc.  This presentation will include tips on beginning and maintaining good communication with your facility and writing grants for program supplies and books for the institution's library.

Laura E. Kauffman
Special Services, Library System of Lancaster County, Lancaster, PA

Powerpoint Show:





Why Outreach Matters: Doing What We Do Best Better, Smarter, More Strategically, More Effectively

Keynote Speech.

Satia Orange
Recently retired from the American Library Association. Satia served as the Director,  Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS), American Library Association (ALA), Chicago, IL

You Know Bookmobile Service is Worth It: Make Them Believe It Too

We can all tell the touchy feely stories of the impact the bookmobile service has on individuals, but for a Director and Board faced with tough budget decisions can bookmobile service expenditures be justified?  Learn how to develop a Return on Investment (ROI) strategy to demonstrate in economic terms the value of the bookmobile service in relation to fixed branches.

Jimmie Epling
Director, Wayne County Public Library, Wooster, Ohio

Patti Stevic
Mobile Library Services, Wayne County Public Library, Wooster, Ohio

Paul Ward
Mobile Library Services,  Tippecanoe County Public Library, Lafayette, Indiana

Powerpoint Show:



Fast, Free, and For You: Toolkits and Resources from ALA

ALA’s Office for Literacy and Outreach Services and ALA member leaders have assembled numerous resources to help outreach librarians provide exemplary services.  Learn about our toolkits, including “Keys to Engaging Older Adults @ the library,” and some of the plans for new and forthcoming resources.   This session will also give you an opportunity to share your thoughts for new tools that are needed. 

Miguel Figuerora
Director, Office for Diversity and Acting Director, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS), American Library Association (ALA), Chicago, IL

Powerpoint Show:
Miguel-Figueroa-ABOS-Tools You Can Use-PP-Show.ppsx
Miguel-Figueroa-ABOS-Tools You Can Use.pptx

Portable Programs with Pizazz!

Build enthusiasm and patron retention by providing quick and easy programs designed for small spaces and short time periods. This hands-on session will cover crafts and activities to start up or reenergize your onboard and special event programming. You will leave with instructions and completed crafts.

Jody Olivieri
Outreach Services Manager, Home Township Public Library, Homer Glen, IL

Powerpoint Show:



Grantseeker's Secrets: Seeking Grants from Foundations and Corporations

The workshop will answer these questions: What is a foundation and what rules does it have to follow? What are the four types of foundations and which ones offer the best prospects for a grant seeker? How can a public library increase its chances of obtaining a grant from a foundation or corporation? Were can a grant seeker find detailed information about foundations and corporations? How does a grant seeker apply for grant? What does a grant maker look for when reading a proposal? hat are the most common reasons for rejecting a proposal? Which are the best books for learning how to write a proposal?

Ramona Lucius
Outreach Coordinator, San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio, TX

Powerpoint Show:



Remote Access: Distant Libraries of the World

This 24-minute DVD documentary highlights a camel library in eastern Kenya and a donkey cart library in western Kenya. Travel also to a library on the Peruvian Amazon River and a farmers’ library in the Andes of Peru. Movie will be preceded by a behind-the-scenes presentation of the making of the documentary and some adventures along the way.

Paul Francescutti
Producer/TV Director, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


The Growing Library eBooks Culture

What value do eBooks bring to the library?  Amy Pawlowski, a contributor to the ALA publication “No Shelf Required:  E-Books in Libraries” discusses the economic impact and value of eBooks in public libraries and how best to position your organization's collection within the rapidly changing landscape of the eBook market.

Amy Pawlowski
Web Applications Manager, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, OH

Powerpoint Show:

Marketing Outreach Services

Presentation will provide an overview of traditional and contemporary marketing concepts as applied to outreach services.  Additional focus will be placed upon new media channels for the purpose of communicating and promoting materials and services to patrons.  Input from other ABOS members will be solicited prior to the conference in compiling case studies and best practices in preparation for the presentation.  Presentation will conclude with a discussion of best practices and a Q&A.

Lee J. Whiting

Outreach Services Librarian, Summit County Library, Park City, UT
Instructor of Marketing, Utah Valley University

Powerpoint Show:


All Aboard! Creating a Service Matrix

All Aboard! In these times of declining budgets and increased customer need, how do we decide who gets mobile library service, how often, and for how long? And how do we decide if our service is still needed at an existing location?

Learn how to create a Service Matrix, a scoring system that uses multiple criteria and real-live math to rank Bookmobile sites by need. You’ll learn how to choose the right stop and how to know whether your current stops should continue to receive service.

Cindy McFadden
Coordinator/Supervisor Outreach Services, Arapahoe Library District, Centennial, Colorado

Powerpoint Show:


Bookmobile Maintenance: Keeping your Vehicle Operating at Its Absolute Best

Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep staff safe and head off devastating down time. This program will provide tips and guidelines for establishing a comprehensive vehicle maintenance plan, a preventative maintenance schedule, and a thorough daily pre-trip/post-trip inspection program.  This presentation will educate attendees on proper maintenance and inspection of their bookmobile.

Michael Swendrowski
President, Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC, Muskego, WI

Powerpoint Show:




Quick Management Tips

Are you a new department manager, an experienced manager seeking a fresh approach (or maybe you have some of your own ideas to share), or an employee looking for some ideas on organization?

Join me as we explore some quick and easy tips to organizing your time, your work area, and managing a department.

Martha Buckner
Supervisor, Bookmobile Services, Ashland Public Library, Ashland, OH

Powerpoint Show:



Buckner-Quick Management Tips.pdf

Take me to the Fair: Outreach to Community Events

By taking your bookmobile to community events, school literacy nights, parades, or the county fair you can act as ambassadors for the library.  This session will present ideas for activities and handouts to offer when you are at an event that is not part of your regular schedule, and how to get invited to these events.

Kathryn Totten, Manager of Outreach and Anythink Washington Street, Anythink Library District, Thornton, CO


Reader's Advisory for Homebound

I will present reader's advisory strategies and give tips on how to find the next good book for your homebound patron, whether it be the next thriller or another "Happy" story in audio.

Susan Parkins 
Outreach Specialist, Laramie County Library, Cheyenne, WY

Powerpoint Show:




A Celebration of Life: The Norman A. Sugarman Children’s Biography Award

This workshop will offer a brief overview of a unique biennial award established at the Cleveland Public Library in 1998 to honor excellence in the field of biography for children. The Chair of the Sugarman Children’s Biography Award and one of the jurors will discuss the importance of children’s biography for children, share critical and evaluative experiences in selecting the winners and highlight a few of the titles that have been selected to receive the distinguished award. 

Chrystal Carr Jeter
Community Services Manage, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, OH

Jaime Declet
Public Services Dyad Manager, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, OH

Project Smyles: Outreach to Daycare Centers and Homes

Outreach to daycare centers is nothing new to public libraries.  We are all probably offering this service in some fashion.  Ames Public Library calls their successful program Project Smyles.  Presenter will be sharing all the nuts and bolts of our program that includes on-site story times, deposit collections, bookmobile and mascot visits and more.  Not a show-and-tell session - but a show-and-share session. Presenter will share all the forms that we developed to keep track of deposit collections and visits, evaluation tools, newsletters, letters to teachers, tips and tricks, and much more.  Attendees will leave with resources to adapt for immediate use in their library.

Valerie Donnell
Outreach Supervisor, Ames Public Library, Ames, IA


These links will  give you the option to open or download the files.

Moderated Discussion: Generators

Moderated Discussion Table Topic: Generators

Michael Swendrowski, President, Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC, Muskego, WI
Carolyn Cook, Bookmobile Supervisor, County of Henrico Public Library, Henrico, VA


Taking It to the Street: Rollin’ the Cleveland Way

Rhonda Fulton is a Children's Librarian at Cleveland Public Library and coordinates the "On the Road to Reading" van's program. Based on "Every Child Ready to Read" principles, staff members deliver storytimes and materials to preschools and daycares in Cleveland. In addition, they speak to parents in pediatric waiting rooms and WIC sites about early childhood literacy. Linda Sperry is the Manager of Mobile Services at Cleveland Public Library. Most recently she managed the Department's move to new quarters specifically designed for the functions of the Department.

Rhonda Fulton